Kells Road Race

Kells Intro

The Kells Road Race is held in Co. Meath which is approximately an hour from Dublin and two hours from Belfast.

Kells Road Races is said to be the second biggest event in Ireland, with Skerries up top.

The circuit is named after the village Crossakiel and measures 2.2 miles.

The Crossakiel circuit is amazing; it contains everything from wide, fast main roads to tight narrow back roads and the famous adrenaline fuelled jumps.

'The jumps' is one of the most iconic and photographed section of any circuit in Ireland as the riders are catapulted through the air at speeds of over 150mph.

This event has the ability to transform the little village of Crossakiel into a hive of race enthusiasts. Just imagine a complete paddock being assembled in an empty field, Motorhomes making camp in the most prime locations and then other people pitching tents by the roadside. Two village pubs crammed full, food vendors around the village and other things like the dyno tuners working late. All builds the atmosphere for the event even before the racing has begun.