Steam Packet International Southern 100

 Other things for doing

When you would like something to do away from the racing scene. There are numerous family activities in and around Castletown

Murrays motorcycle museum

Murray’s motorcycle museum is a gold mine of memorabilia, Make sure you take the time to call in, the warmest of welcomes awaits you. Here you can find machines from all eras, for example British flat tankers through to racing RG500. The owner Peter has a knowledge and passion for his museum that could take days to divulge, all the staff are very friendly.
There is an entrance fee of only £5, a sit down cuppa upstairs is included where you’re able to chat with Peter as much as you like.
The museum is found in Santon not far from the steam railway station. From Castletown towards Douglas, drive past the Fairy bridge then the museum is on the right at the next junction. Keep your eyes open as the junction is a little hairpin, if you miss it you can turn at the train station which is almost immediately after the junction you need. When travelling south from Douglas the junction will be much more visible, pass the Santon motel then the train station and the museum signs will be in front of you.


Castle Rushen

Located in the ancient capital of the Isle of Man, Castletown, there stands an impressive fortress that was once home to the Kings and Lords of Mann. Castle Rushen is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the world. Originally built for a Norse king in around 1200AD, Castle Rushen was developed by successive rulers until the 1600s. During its time it was used as a fortress, royal residence, a mint and even a prison.
The castle built from limestone walls towers over the market square of Castletown and would have been visible over much of the south of the island. You can climb the spiral staircase to the roof and enjoy the panoramic views of Castletown and beyond.
On the inside of the castle you could visit the medieval kitchen with its 17th century dining room, all round there are many wall hung tapestries telling their own medieval tales.


Southern swimming pool

The Southern swimming pool can be found only a few minutes walk from the race paddocks, the family friendly swimming facility is located in Castletown near the Castle Rushen High School. The swimming pool also offer hot showers for camping visitors.