Tandragee 100

Tandragee 100

The Around a Pound event is held just outside Tandragee, Northern Ireland.

The course measures 5.34 miles long and requires 800 volunteers to make the event happen. This event is normally held in May but moved to April this year as part of the reshuffle making room for Mid-Antrim’s event

The paddock here is a farmers field the rest of the year, primarily the soil is a heavy clay that doesn’t drain the water well, It has been found that competitors will wrap there tyres in cling film before pushing their bikes to scrutineering then onto the tar. To add to the excitement the paddock is situated on a slope, giving some real road racing ambience.

The Tandragee 2015 Super sport race saw Billy Redmayne finish in second place to William Dunlop, Billy won the Junior Manx Grand Prix in May 2015, Will billy return for a win this year?

Practice will start on Friday the 22nd of April, Race day is Saturday the 23rd